There are many wonders to behold while exploring these mountains. Here we will tell you of the many different trails, how to find them and their levels. We will start with beginner, or the easier hikes, and move through intermediate and advanced. On all of the beautiful places we will take you nature shows her best face. Not only will you experience the beauty but also all the amazing wildlife that calls this land home as well.




  • Savage Falls- 3 miles up highway 56, turn onto falls creek rd. Fallow to the end. Less then 1 mile from your car to the falls and back. Lakeside residents tout the view of a waterfall emerging from the mountains. With a short tip through the wonderful wetlands you can walk right to the falls. If you are as over come by the beauty of this place as I am, there is even a trail straight up the mountain to see the top of the falls.


  • Kootenai Falls- Located on highway 2 just outside Troy, Mt. 0.8 miles of beautiful forest following the Kootenai river. Parts of this magnificent river are betrade in the movie “The River Wild.”  There are two wonderful paths to take here. One takes you to the falls while the other leads you to a swinging bridge. After crossing the rive you can find many trails to keep your interest peeked all day.
  • Leigh Lake- Located                                                                                        One of Libby’s most ICONIC trails, is a 1.5 mile short, steep trail that is heavily used as an access point into the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness. You will see some very beautiful sites. Craters, a lake, mountain ranges and of course wildlife. Mountain goats are often seen on the slopes above the lake. No camping is allowed at Leigh Lake. No motorized vehicles are permitted on this trail, and no vehicles are allowed within the wilderness boundary. This makes for the perfect place for to become one with your wilder side!


  • Quartz Creek Lake- 
  • Callahan Creek- Located 1 mile up Callahan Creek Rd. in Troy. This 2 mile trail follows the old railroad grade that was once used for mining and logging the area back in the early 1900s. There is beautiful views of King Mountain and Callahan Creek Canyon. If you are lucky enough to find your way there is also an old mine located at the end of the railroad and trail.
  • Flower Creek- Located                                                                       There is many good flats through this 6 mile trail that make great camping areas for families with children. They are in close range of the trail and also the Creek for some summer fun.

All in One:

  • Bighorn Tail- Located at the end of Kootenai River Road just off Hwy 37. This prehistoric trail follows the Kootenai River through old structures and orchards, also bighorn sheep ranges. 4.5 miles of  eagles, osprey, river otters, and harlequin ducks with so much more can be seen along this trails many branches. The trail gets more primitive at the end, but you can hike all the way to the Swinging Bridge.