On the many beautiful back road through this unique county side,

you can see where a glacier carved through the mountains. You can see how a momma moose shows her young the right way through the swamps, and the many tails of deer and mountain goats running through the mountain sides.

As we travel along this page we will take you on some of our favorite drives. You will know where the drive starts and ends, also how long the it will be. Now some are back roads from town to town, while others are loops.

Lets start our adventure!!


  • Mckellop-  This drive takes you along some of our old logging roads and right past the old mill itself. First take 5th street extension. This takes you by the old logging mill, and there are a couple beautiful walking paths along flower creek just behind the mill. After you cross the bridge, take the next right on to the old haul road. This beautiful well kept 13 mile road runs along the Kootenai River on one side, with acres of amazing forest on the other. Once you can to the end of the road, take another right onto Fisher River road. This road is full of nice camping areas and fun dirt roads for ATVs. At mile marker 10 you’ll find a turn off, take a right at this sign. As you drive along this road you’ll see everything from rocky river beds to marshes and the slopping cliffs.